GAS FLOW SOLUTIONS (GFS), located in Arendonk Belgium aims to be an innovative and independent partner for the delivery of control and safety devices.

We manufacture Gas Pressure Regulators (type REGES), Safety Shut-off Valves (type SAGES) and Control Valves (type CEGES), designed by experienced in-house engineers, using the latest engineering, design and calculation tools.

Your system requires long term profitable solutions, GFS is a flexible and certified organisation willing to work with you to deliver these.

Our premises (office and workshop) is located only 1 minute away from Exit 26 on the E34 highway between Antwerp (Belgium) and Eindhoven (the Netherlands) in the industrial area “Hoge Mauw”, Arendonk, Belgium.

Our professional and flexible approach allows us to provide a bespoke service, while maintaining the highest standards in quality and service.